Download CCMonitor 1.0b

Pragmatic Automation suggests a number of good methods of feedback for your Cruise Control build, but most are centered around a single project. While a lava lamp is a good inicator for the status of a single project being developed by multiple programmers, some shops work on a smaller scale. My current employer has many small projects under development at any given time. A large project may only have 3 developers working on it, while most are handled by a single devloper. In a given week, I may work on up to 3 projects, or alter common code effecting 10-20 different projects. In a situation like this, lava lamps might be a little cumbersome. Cruise Control's web page provides a good deal of feedback, but I liked the way lava lamps quickly could be displayed publicly. This program was my comprimise.

CCMonitor showing one column

CCMonitor reads the RSS feed provided by the Cruise Control JSP and uses the information to display the results full screen. It can be configured to display multiple columns on a screen.

CCMonitor with two columns

CCMonitor support multiple monitors on Java 6 for Windows. Multiple monitor support does not work with previous version of Java in Windows, and was not tested on other operating systems.

CCMonitor with multiple monitors

If using Windows, the fonts look much better in Java 6 due to the anti-alising. The fonts have always looked good on the Mac, of course.

At startup, you will be prompted with a configuration dialog. You can get to this dialog at any time by pressing the 'c' key while the applicaiton is running.

CCMonitor configuration screen


Requires JDK 1.5. To get anti-alised fonts or multiple monitor support in Windows, you must use JDK 1.6. Both features are available on Macs in 1.5.

todo list

test shell script in knoppix (works on MacOsX)
update website screen shots (config screen), and add link to the source

Wish List
Customize look (background color & picture)
Screen saver mode