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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact Steven Spielberg?

A: The only way I know of contacting Steven Spielberg is via Dreamworks:

DreamWorks SKG
100 Universal Plaza, #601
Universal City, CA 91608

To the best of my knowledge, Steven Spielberg does not have a public email address. 

Q: Do you have Steven Spielberg's email address?

A: No, I don't. see the next question.

Q: Who made this web site?

A: This is a fan site created by Bryan Young, a computer programmer from St. Louis Missouri.  I originally created the site in 1996 as an experiment in web design. I don't have any connection to Steven Spielberg, Hollywood or any studios, nor do I know anyone who does.

Q: How can I contact the owner of this site?

A: If you are trying to contact Steven Spielberg, or get a script to him, I cannot help you. Any scripts, resumes, photos, etc sent to me will be ignored. If you are trying to contact me for web site related reasons (suggestions, links, etc.), you can contact me at webmaster@scruffles.net. Send corrections to corrections@scruffles.net

Q: How do I get my script made into a movie?

A: I have no idea. (see above)

Q: I found a mistake in the web site. Who can I tell?

A: Corrections can be sent to corrections@scruffles.net. Be advised, any other messages sent to this address will be ignored. 

Q: Where can I find more information about a specific movie?

A: The Internet Movie Database is an excellent movie reference, listing cast, crew, quotes and statistics for just about any movie you can think of.  If your trying to obtain a copy of a hard to find movie, try Amazon and ebay

Q: How do I cite your web page in my school paper?


Q: Where can I find a copy of movie X?

A: I would try Amazon and ebay.  You may also try to lookup the movie on The Internet Movie Database.  They often list movies and television episodes that will be showing on TV in the coming weeks.