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About This Site

The Steven Spielberg Directory is an unauthorized fan site created and maintained by Bryan Young of St. Louis Missouri. It was created as an experiment in technology, but it continues as a resource for students, fans and wanderers. The first version of the Steven Spielberg Directory was posted in 1996. Since then it has gone through many visual changes, but it's theme has remained the same: "to present the life and works of Steven Spielberg to his fans". This site provides information about each of Spielberg's movies and projects and whenever possible provides perspective about how each work related to the next. 

This site is meant to be an excellent resource for educational information. It is not meant to be a definitive guide to Steven Spielberg's life. This site has no budget and only one author (who has MANY other more important projects). It will never compete with such helpful sites as Variety.com for news or Imdb.com for reference. This site is not meant to replace the need for any of the many great books or articles out there. It is simply an accumulation of information of the life and work of Steven Spielberg. Whether you plan on using it as a resource or just a jumping-off-point to help point you in the right direction, I hope you find this site helpful and fun.