Spielberg's Role: Executive Producer
US Release Date: 1995

The idea for Casper "simply came to be out of fond and collective memories of everyone who remembers the cartoon from 30 years ago," -Steven Spielberg-

It could have been a flop. The making of a live action Casper movie could have lost a lot of money and respect...for anyone else besides Spielberg and his creative team at Amblin. Even with the amazing special effects, the film could have been a second class blockbuster rent. Credit must be spread across the board for this film. The story was good enough for both young and old audiences, and the acting and directing made the wonder wonderful and the jokes funny.

The story comes from the old Harvey Comics, Casper the Friendly Ghost. This particular story takes place in Friendship, Maine at Whipstaff Manor. Carrigan Crittenden (played by Cathy Moriarty) inherits the Mansion and plans to steal a fabled treasure inside. When she runs into Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso, she hires Dr. Harvey (BILL PULLMAN), to coax the ghosts into passing over into the next world. His daughter Kat (CHRISTINA RICCI) is forced to follow him there. Casper and her become friends who defend the house while throwing a party.

Credit must go to rookie director Brad Silberling. "Although it was an ambitious film to hand a first-time director, I really felt with his ability and sensibility to do both comedy and drama, which was evident in his episodic work, he was a good choice." says Spielberg, "His talent made him the best choice." Meanwhile producer Colin Wilson is a veteran Spielberg student working on the Indiana Jones trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jurassic Park and The Flintstones.