Deep Impact

Spielberg's Role: [tbd]
US Release Date: 1998

"A few minutes ago the united states ambassadors to every country of the world told the leaders of those nations what I'm about to tell you. Comets are still headed for earth."

"Now we've been planning for the worst, so I hope you'll bear with me and listen to what I have to say. To ensure the continuation of our way of life, we've been preparing a network of immense caves. And we can put a million people in them, underground for two years. On August 10th we are going to hold a national lottery. A computer will randomly select 800,000 Americans to join the 200,000 scientist, teachers, soldiers, and artists who have already been chosen."

"In addition, the United States and Russia, have been building the largest spaceship ever constructed to stop the comets. We will prevail. Life will go on."


The world must deal with the unthinkable as Heaven and Earth collide. If you don't mind spoilers, you should read one of these articles by The Los Angeles Times or Movie Web. There is also a short article by Time about the real threat of E.L.E.


Spielberg is the Executive Producer for the film. Mimi Leder from the Peacemaker will be Directing, and James Horner will be creating the musical score. The Budget was $75 million. E! Online had a story about the success of Deep Impact in its opening weekend ($41million).


The strong cast includes, Oscar winner, Robert Duvall, Bad Boy's Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, and three time Oscar nominee, Morgan Freeman.

Pictured above (to the right) in order from the top down:
Robert Duvall as Spurgeon Tanner
Téa Leoni as Jenny Lerner
Elijah Wood as Leo Biederman
Vanessa Redgrave as Robin Lerner
Maximilian Schell as Jason Lerner
Morgan Freeman as President Beck

slideshow of castslideshow of comet hitting