The Goonies

Spielberg's Role: Executive Producer
US Release Date: 1985

Goonies was made in a time when Spielberg was still known as 'that E.T. guy'. Although this film was directed towards children, the imagination and adventure made it a family hit.

The characters in The Goonies are so animated in nature, it seems as though you know all of them as you watch it for the first time. The story is of several kids who fall upon a treasure map just as their parents are being forced out of the neighborhood due to development. The search for the treasure brings them to the hideout of a local family gang and their caged monster. To get to the treasure they must also brave the traps left by the pirate 1 eyed Willy.

Although not as popular at the time, writer Chris Columbus wrote The Goonies. He went on to write the most money grossing comedies on earth.