Indiana Jones 4

Spielberg's Role: Director
US Release Date: [tbd]

Will there be an Indiana Jones 4? YES!

"I would do a sequel in a New York minute" Harrison Ford - from Cinescape

Ciniscape Magazine says that all three major powers have agreed to make a sequel, but information after that is very sketchy. Reports say they have already rejected several scripts.

Rumors are flying wildly. I don't want to put anything on this page that doesn't come from the print of TV media. There are several reasons for this, but the biggest is redundancy. Rumors change from day to day, and many hard core Indy fan pages already post the latest rumors.

The safe bet is that Spielberg will be directing and Lucas will be producing. Harrison Ford has said he would like to work with Sean Connery again, and Connery said he is very interested in a fourth film, but no confermation of his involvement is available yet.