Saving Private Ryan

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Spielberg's Role: Director, Co-Producer
US Release Date: 1993


Although I have received many articles from readers and friends, I am only posting those that I consider pertinent to the theme of my website. I tried not to post simple articles from local sources (such as reviews by no-named critics or story outlines).


TV Guide CoverTVGuide's summer movie preview outlines the plot of Saving Private Ryan, and give away a little inside information on the releationship between Spielberg and a few of the actors.

Many articles have surfaced about the violence depicted in Saving Private Ryan. Most of these article were just rantings about the politics of Hollywood, and have little to do with the movie itself. This article from MSNBC is different, however. It offers a look at the cast, plot as well as questioning the violence.

This LA Times article interviews Spielberg, and explains his point of view on the violence of Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg explains why he would have worn an NC-17 rating proudly.

The Making of Saving Private Ryan

Mr. Showbiz interviewed Steven Spielberg for the release of Saving Private Ryan. It has some very interesting information.

This LA Times article is a very in depth article dealing with the creation of the movie. This very interesting article shows the detail and effort put into this movie. It is especialy interesting to Spielberg fans, who get to understand the creation process a little better.

On July 21st, NBC's Dateline ran a story on Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. It dealt with their personal relationship and how it was effected by Saving Private Ryan.


As Usenet reviews are a dime a dozen, I won't be posting many reviews at all. I have picked a handful of critics that I have respected in the past.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times and At the Movies, wrote an article on Saving Private Ryan that includes interviews with Spielberg.

Variety wrote an article, which goes as far as to describe scenes from the movie.

Other Articles

This article in Entertainment Weekly outlines the three largest Saving Private Ryan web pages. I am especialy proud to be mentioned among them. (Thanks to Jawad for the picture).


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Steven Spielberg, David James (Photographer)
96 pages (July 1998)
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Saving Private Ryan
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