Saving Private Ryan

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Spielberg's Role: Director, Co-Producer
US Release Date: 1993


"One thing I do know, though: we're going to be the biggest damn war movie you ever saw"
- Tom Hanks -

Paramount and Dreamworks LogosThe movie was directed by Steven Spielberg. The screenplay was written by Rob Rodat and Frank Darabont. Robert Rodat wrote the Fly Away Home, Saving Private Ryan.

Saving Private Ryan was the second movie to be produced by Paramount and Dreamworks. It will be distributed by Paramount.
Rumors put the budget for this movie at $70 million (a large budget even for Spielberg).

Comparison of budget (all figures in millions of US dollars)
Schindler's List $25
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 39
Amistad 40
Jurassic Park 63
Saving Private Ryan 70
Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 73

Most of the film was shot in Hatfield, England. The cast was put through a 1 week training camp, where they learned what it was like to be soldiers. During this camp, they performed military exercises and referred to each other as their character names. Rather than casting extras, Spielberg chose to use real soldiers from the Irish army. The Los Angeles Times had a great story on the making of Saving Private Ryan.

Box Office Domestic Gross (all figures in millions of US dollars)
7/24/98-7/26/98 $30.6
thru 8/2 73.4
thru 8/9 103.8
thru 8/16 126.0
thru 8/23 142.7
thru 8/30 155.3
thru 9/6 164.1
thru 9/13 173.1
thru 9/20 178.1
thru 9/27 181.8
thru 10/4 183.5
thru 10/11 184.3
(as of 5/26/99)

International Box Office results (all countries included except US and Canada): $263,200,000 (figures in millions of US dollars)

The film runs 2 hours and 40 minutes.


Soundtrack coverThe soundtrack was composed by John Williams. The week of February 21st 1998, it was recorded in Boston by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Spielberg specifically asked for the Boston Symphony Orchestra after their work on the Schindler's List soundtrack (also by Williams). John Williams personally conducted the orchestra and both Spielberg and Hanks were said to be present for the recording. The soundtrack will be out on July 21st. List price will be $17.97 (but if you pay list, you deserve to loose some money).

Track Listing:

01. Hymn To The Fallen
(MPEG3   WAV   RealAudio)
02. Revisiting Normandy
03. Omaha Beach
04. Finding Private Ryan
(MPEG3   WAV   RealAudio)
05. Approaching The Enemy
06. Defense Preparations
07. Wade's Death
08. High School Teacher
09. Last Battle, The
10. Hymn To The Fallen (Reprise)