Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Spielberg's Role: Executive Producer
US Release Date: 1988

The huge amount of publicity created by Disney for this movie overshadowed the role of Spielberg in the creation of Roger Rabbit. Involved in the making of this huge movie was the cooperation of Disney, and Warner Brothers; the use of amazing special effects for live action filming and the amazing acting of the main characters. Most of the cast didn't exist until after shooting.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit shows cartoon characters as actors in their live action toons. The main character is a real detective (Eddie Valiant played by Bob Hoskins) who has hated toons since his brother was killed by one. He is hired to catch Roger Rabbit's wife Jessica playing pattycake with someone else. Soon Roger has been framed for murder. The Villain is Judge Doom played by Christopher Lloyd.

The Success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit brought three fully animated sequels. One of the sequels was the short, Rollercoaster Rabbit played with Dick Tracy. The others are Tummy Trouble (1990) and Trail Mix-up (1993).