The Mask of Zorro

Spielberg's Role: Executive Producer
US Release Date: 1998

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Antonio Banderas Welcome to the Mask of Zorro page brought to you by Scruffles' Steven Spielberg Directory. The original version of this page was created over a year before the film debut in anticipation for a Fall 1996 release. Obviously the film was not released as scheduled.

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The movie begins with the final adventures of the legendary Zorro. Although the evil Montero has set a trap for him, Zorro fights his way through the ambush with the help of two young on-lookers. Montero discovers his identity (Don Diego del la Vega), kills his wife, takes his child, burns his house and locks him away in prison.

Twenty years later, Montero returns from a long trip to Spain, and del la Vega escapes from prison to revenge is family. He soon discovers that his daughter was raided by Montero as if his own. Montero is hatching a plan to take over California, but del la Vega is too old to stop him on his own.

He takes a young man under his wing (who has thoughts for revenge of his own). The legend of Zorro continues once again.

The Cast

Antonio Banderas

Banderas plays the young Alejandro Murieta who grows up admiring the legendary Zorro. As a twist of fate, he ends up an apprentice of his hero, an continues the legend.

Banderas has stared in such films as Desperado, Evita, and Assassins. He is also the first actor of Spanish decent to play the role of Zorro.

Anthony Hopkins

Academy award winner Anthony Hopkins plays the original Zorro. His character (Don Diego del la Vega) trains Murieta for the task of saving California.

Hopkins has been nominated for two academy awards since winning his first for Silence of the Lambs. Hopkins has played an American President in both Nixon and Spielberg's Amistad. He also received critical acclaim for Remains of the Day in 1993.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones was first noticed by Spielberg in the Made for TV movie Titanic. She plays the daughter of both Don Diego del la Vega and Don Rafael Montero (it gets a bit complicated).

Stuart Wilson

Wilson played the evil Don Rafael Montero.

Matthew Letscher

Letscher played Captain Harrison Love of Montero's army.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Anthony Hopkins

As mentioned in the introduction. The Mask of Zorro was originally planed for a Fall 1996 release. Filming did not begin until January '97, however. Even after each of these delays the expected release of Fall 97 was not met. The Mask of Zorro was released July 17th 1998, with much less fanfare than originally expected.

The Mask of Zorro was directed by Martin Campbell, the talent behind Goldeneye.



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